How To Prone Paddleboarding With Paddle

Prone paddling with paddle refers to a method of paddling in which a person lies flat on their stomach on a surfboard or paddleboard and uses their hands to paddle through the water. This technique is commonly used in surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and other water sports. In prone paddling, the person lays down on the…

Mencoba stand up paddle boarding di Bali

Pelajaran Stand-up Paddle Boarding di Priority SUP Priority SUP School menawarkan berbagai program untuk semua tingkat pengalaman. Toko kami terletak di pantai kelan dan menawarkan kelas privat dan kelompok. Kelas pemula dirancang untuk mengajarkan dasar-dasarnya, mulai dari teknik mendayung hingga keterampilan keselamatan dasar. Kelas menengah dan lanjutan berfokus pada teknik yang lebih maju seperti mengendarai…

Frequently asked questions Bali stand up paddle

A Mini Guide to Bali SUP and Paddle Boarding Bali is an ideal place to experience SUP Boarding. There are plenty of great places for any level. For those more experienced, there are lots of spots along the coast that offer great waves. Stand-up paddleboarding here is becoming increasingly popular and you can find all…

Bali Stand up paddle board rental nearby

Interested in Lessons and Tours for sup and sup surf? Interested in taking a tour or lessons? Paddle water sports are a great way to get out and explore the ocean in Bali. You may need to reserve a spot in advance and choose from a variety of available options. SUP board rentals are popular…


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