If you are looking for a new, fun, and great outdoor activity in Bali with your friends, family, or loved ones, Priority Stand Up Paddle is the answer. Paddle boarding is a sport that combines elements of surfing and paddling. The paddler uses a “paddle” to propel the board forward (or backward). Priority Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is located just 5 minutes away from international and domestic Ngurah Rai Airport Bali. The shop is located right in front of Kelan Beach where you will get to enjoy the best view of the ocean and the fish boat from the local fisherman nearby.

Have you tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Bali?

Learn stand up paddle in Bali with Priority SUP team

Priority Stand Up Paddle offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and experienced surfer. Children and adults in any levels are welcome. Check out our Stand Up Paddle Lessons for beginners, Stand Up Paddle for intermediate, or if you want to enjoy Bali’s famous sunset while doing Stand Up Paddle Boarding, book our Priority Sunset Private Stand Up Paddle Boat Trip.

No need to worry where to go in Bali to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding or where to rent a Stand Up Paddle board form. Contact us now either by phone, email, or Whatsapp and our team will assist you. Just bring changing clothes, towel , sunscreen, and water.

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